Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This year for some reason, I am very excited about yardwork! (???) I have many existing plants, mostly greenery and shrubs, and usually I plant some annuals for color.

This year, I decided I want to try to grow some cut flowers, and do some decorative containers. I had an idea what I wanted in the containers, coleus, but not sure what to put with them for another color. A friend at work suggested sweet potato vine. I love the 'neon' green color, and it works well in the combination. I'm afraid it might overtake the coleus, but for now they are living happily in pots on each side of the screened porch door.

For the cut flowers, I really want to grow peonies. I bought some roots and planted them, but they won't flower until next year at the earliest. I will have to learn patience in this gardening adventure!!!

For cut flower blooms this year (crossing my fingers!), I planted Dahlias and Tiny Tot Gladiolus mix. So far so good, I see greenery coming up!

My existing plants all look great, I don't really have to do much with them, weed, water and Miracle Gro!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bucket List #13 Wine 1 of 10

Stonewood Cellars Moscato

What can I say except I LOVE this one, and it was inexpensive!! I'm not an expert on describing wines, but this is definitely sweet.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Birthday Bucket List

Around Blogland I have seen these lists of projects/activities/goals people wish to complete between their birthdays, usually coordinated to the number of their age. Check out this one by Elise and this one by Emma.

It inspired me to create my own "Birthday Bucket List". I like Em's 31 things before 32, as it was a total life adventure, not just project driven (I need to get out of the house!). Some of my items are projects, and they have their own numbers, I just picked a nice round amount for a goal, It may sound ambitious, but a lot of these types of projects are things I do often, and this will hold me accountable for completing things!!!

I plan to document the "crossing off" of many of the items from the list on this blog, and also in a scrapbook format. Stay tuned...


1. Visit the Beach
2. Read 50 books
3. Take a creative class (in person or online)
4. Run a Marathon (OK, mostly run)
5. Master 10 new Photoshop techniques
6. Try 10 new restaurants
7. Finish decorating the guest room/office
8. Visit a National Park
9. Visit 5 State Parks (that I have not been to)
10. Float a river
11. Hike 5 trails
12. Go to a winetasting at a local vineyard
13. Try 10 new wines (at the tasting doesn't count!)
14. Grow herbs
15. Host a dinner party
16. Make 20 new recipes
17. See a musical at the theater
18. Build a piece of furniture
19. Create (and print) a photobook
20. Make 12 crafts/projects I have pinned in Pinterest
21. Visit a friend/relative out of state
22. Learn to play an instrument
23. Grill ribs
24. Complete 10 sewing projects
25. Attend a formal event (not a wedding)
26. Complete 10 digital scrapbook layouts
27. See a Professional sporting event
28.Go camping!
29. Complete 5 knitting projects
30. Make the quilt for my bed
31. Volunteer (church, library, community)
32. See 10 movies at the theater (I do not go enough!)
33. Crochet a ripple blanket (lap/throw size)
34. Bake 10 loaves of bread from scratch
35. Blog regularly (Ok, hopefully 2-3 posts per week)
36. Wear everthing in my closet that still has a tag on it or remove it the item from the closet!)

OK, that last one is kinda funny, but much needed!

Here we go...stay tuned!!!