Monday, August 1, 2011

Week In The Life Sunday

I started Week In The Life last Sunday, 7/24, so yesterday was my last day. Since I didn't start the blog in time to post Sunday, I am posting it now. It will appear as the first day in my album.

Sunday starts with church. It is always Mom and I, sometimes Dad or my brother make it into town to go with us.

After church, Mom and I go to Kroger to get groceries. Since she works on weekend, it is time that we can visit while she is in town.

Quick trip home to put away the groceries, and turn on the sprinkler. Mom is going to cook breakfast, and it is Dad's birthday, so I head out there to eat and visit.

We have a good breakfast, and my niece Lizzie is there to join us.

After hanging out a while, I head back home to turn off the sprinkler and do a little housework. In the afternoon, I have some strawberry Kool-Aid and some strawberry bread I picked up at the local Farmer's Market.

The evening is spent relaxing and watching Big Brother, and getting ready for the work week.

That finishes up my Week In The Life project. Tomorrow I hope to make some progress on the album. Photos are ordered and will arrive later this week, then I can put it all together!

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