Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Photo A Day

Instagram is one of my favorite photo apps on iPhone. I came across the photoaday list when it appeared from another user on my newsfeed. There are many versions of photo a day/picture a day, but this one is by fatmumslim (visit her blog here)
I joined this project part way through the month, so it is not complete. Look for the whole month of May!

Here are the April prompts and my photos:

Day 12: stairs. attic
Day 13: something you found. ticket
Day 14: how you feel today. stylish
Day 15: sunset. sunset
Day 16: flower. lily
Day 17: something you don't like. working late
Day 18: hair. mine
Day 19: orange. table at restaurant
Day 20: something I drew. week in the life sketches
Day 21: bottle. housewarming gift for a friend
Day 22: the last thing you bought. skirt at Anthropologie
Day 23: vegetable. lunch
Day 24: something you are grateful for. spending time with a friend who now lives out of state
Day 25: looking down. stock build up order arrived
Day 26: black and white. sunset
Day 27: somewhere you went. lunch
Day 28: 1 PM. manager on duty, tracking credit participation
Day 29: circle. planter
Day 30: something that makes you sad. already depressed, this rain is NOT helping my mood!

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