Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Garden Update

Wow!! I have remembered regular watering and feeding, and it shows!! Especially the container plants, they have turned into MONSTERS!! Beautiful!

No growth from the Peonies, thinking I must have done something wrong here. There should be at least some greenery coming up???

One of the dahlias didn't make it, not sure why, they are all in the same area, and have been nurtured the same. Of the 2 that are left, one is healthier than the other. Again, puzzled??

The gladiolus are looking good, great green shoots, I can't wait for flowers!! I might need to stake these if they get taller, but some are about at the height it describes on the package (Tiny Tot variety 20-24" height)

It is getting hotter, so they are requiring water every day (had been getting by with every other day). I think we have had less rain that usual so far, hopefully that it not a trend for the summer!!

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