Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bottle Cap Art

A few years ago, I saw this post on Chez Larsson, of Benita's craft corner, which includes framed collections of bottle caps organized by color. Here are a few more pictures on her Flickr Photo Stream. I have collected random bottle caps, not sure what I would do with them, until I saw these!

I continued collecting bottle caps over the years, until I had enough to use. I knew I probably had some frames to use, and as I cleaned the the garage this week, I found two that were perfect, and the right depth. I just wanted to paint them white. I used some left over paint, and transformed them.

Then I cut some mat board into two squares to fit the frames. They are a little larger, as they will attach to the back of the frame to create a shadox box effect. I laid out the caps and arranged them until I liked the way they look. Then I measured on the mat board where they would go, making dots to show where each cap would be, so they would line up and be spaced correctly.

To attach the caps, I used foam sticky pads from Hobby Lobby. They are about 1/4" thick, I stacked 3 to get the right depth, then attached the caps in the order I wanted.

After that, I just attached the mat board to the back of the frame, added a hanger, and installed them on the wall in my kitchen!! They turned out great!!!

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