Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week In The Life Tuesday

Tuesday was a slow photo day, I don't know what happened there. And so much of it documented food! Wednesday will be better!

Got to work early, since we can't go in alone, I waited for someone to arrive. I always have a book with me, so I made the most of it

Ate breakfast at my desk, yogurt (apricot mango) and cherry soda.
Today I continued the floor move, most of the fixturing is moved, now I have to move the signing and props. We had four walls that were covered with white vinyl and two of them needed to be back to brown, so we had to peel the vinyl off. Usually it comes off easier than it goes on, but this time it was difficult. After much peeling, it was done and we had blisters on our thumbs.
Tomorrow we will "decorate" these walls and put merchandise on them.
Time for lunch, I had a sandwich and chips at my desk.

Left work about 4. Stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up some photos for my Project Life album. I have been wanting to start a blog, so I thought this was as good of a time as any, while doing this project. Very excited about it, and posting Week In The Life each day will get me started.
While getting the blog set up, I cooked dinner. I made spaghetti and ate it with some cheese bread. I love pasta!

Posted Monday's Week In The Life on the blog, then went to sleep. Hopefully I will get more pictures tomorrow.
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  1. Congrats on starting a blog! I totally love writing on my's just an added bonus when people actually read it :)

    I'm also doing Project Life!

  2. I just started mine as well! Well, honestly, I started it a few months ago but wasn't very good at it. I'm hoping Week In The Life will get me back on track.